Ways to save money on travel

Travelling is fun, and most of the wanderlusts are massive fans of the roads and flights, transport and food, the mountains and outdoors, etc. While travelling can be fun, it involves a lot of money. The sum of which goes into food, staying, sightseeing, hotel bookings, travelling within the city, flying, etc. However satisfied we are after a trip, our subconscious is always looking for ways to save a tiny amount of money while on the trip. Discounts and offers are still close to our heart (the one thing that unites the rich and poor). Here are some simple yet efficient means to cash out minimal on your travel.

Use Your Age

Yup! Age is the best criteria for getting discounts, especially for sight-seeing, museums, theatres, etc. Most of the tourist attractions offer students discount that can help you save up to 10-20% of the money. A travel company like STA Travel can be helpful to book tickets on a cut off rate for children. But, all of it applies if you are young again! Well, some places also provide discounts for the elderly, but that happens on a rare occasion.

Look for free activities

A little research before you travel won’t be harmful. You’ll find a lot of venues offering free activities. Look at the calendar and check what’s up on the dates while you stay there. Familiarize yourself with your destination and look for a community event that offers the lowest price. Museums often have discounts or pay what you can day once a week. Check carefully.

Shop at farmer’s markets and local stores.

Farmer’s stores have a lower price than the supermarket while towards the end of the day, the price cuts off even more. Also, shopping at a local store has an advantage that allows you to taste local cuisine without breaking the bank.

Don’t get the best room.

Buying the most expensive hotel rooms is a foolish idea. How long are you going to stay there? Only to sleep at night, to store your belongings safely and loiter around with less baggage on your bag. So, opt for a pure rental instead of going all bonkers over a room. In fact, while you are booking, talk to the hotel directly and asking about cheap rooms because last minute bookings can be fruitful sometimes. The hotels don’t like vacant apartments and most often offer a discount. Most of the hotels have bookings throughout the week and not on the weekends. Business travellers and leisure travellers usually book between Monday-Friday. So, void on Sunday nights is most likely to give you a discount.

Ways to save money on travel

Stay outside a city.

You often pay twice the amount for the same room close to a tourist attraction than a place outskirts. Nine out of ten times, it is cheaper to stay away from tourist venues. It is smarter to stay away and walk a few distances to your destination.

Go off-season.

Off-season always provides low price than usual on plane tickets and hotel rooms, and the availability is more. The mundane large crowd is cut off, and the attractions are cheaper at this time. The one thing you need to do is to check if the places are open to visitors.

Be flexible with your flights.

If you don’t have a tight schedule, be flexible with the time of your flight and the number of stops or your selection date. Flying at unpopular hours can cost you less while a midweek day flight is the cheapest off-season. A few booking engines like Skyscanner, Kayak and Vayama can be helpful.

Rent an Apartment

If you have a group of people along with you, renting an apartment instead of hotel rooms can help you cut the expenses. Use VRBO, AirBnB, TripAdvisor or HomeAway for right rentals. You can also opt for hostels and guesthouses for more discount.

Use points and coupons.

Hotel chains have a reward system that gives you points for staying and can be used later for free overnight stays. While travelling, try flying with the same airlines to build your points and stay exclusively at the same hotels. Visit DealVoucherz for some amazing discount coupons on travel and stays.

Choose your restaurant wisely.

Eating close to tourist destinations can cost you twice a daily meal for the sheer reason of having a captive place. You can have your brunch at the hotel or cook once or twice while your stay, that won’t harm.  Carry water while you are out for sightseeing to save the additional amount spent on the water. Treat yourself to a nice restaurant on the last night of your stay.

Posted by Greyson Rosales