Type of clean car valve

  1. The Solenoid valves

Most solenoid valves play an important role in almost all kinds of car washes. They may be referred to as electro-mechanically KP-LOK controlled valves that regulate the transfer of liquids as well as gases When the coil is energized, the electromagnet works essentially. The most widely known type of washing machine is a closed solenoid valve. They are normally kept closed until energized and the valve is turned on and open to flow through the valve. Their main application is to inject wax and soap into the high pressure pump and to control all the very low pressure operates just like the foam brushes, wheel

 cleaners and elbows. Whenever a product is picked here, electrical power is supplied to the magnet to perform this function, opening and delivering the product to the shaft and passing vehicle.

  1. The pressure Relief Valves

Plunger pumps and piston pump are fantastic for applicable in pressurized water washing, car washes, water jet pumps, spraying, reverse osmosis and carpet cleaning. Both have 2 or 3 piston as well as piston assemblies that can generate the flow and pressure of the pumps. These pumps are usually powered by electric motors, hydraulic motors and gas or diesel engines. High-pressure piston pumps and high-pressure piston pumps belong to the series of positive displacement pumps, which can operate continuously. The only problem is that it requires a complete discharge of the pumps flow as well as some flow bypassing the air pressure removal valve. This is the principle of the air pressure removal valve; it can instantaneously opened as well as release the overload of the dangerous pressure of the system, thus damaging the equipment. The valve can usually return the natural flow to the delivery reservoir as well as return it to the inlet aspect of the pumps.

  1. Ball valve

The ball valves also can be used as on / off switches to regulate fluid as well as pressurized air . They can be utilized in a number of programs to regulate the flow of water in the reservoir as well as to switch to the high pressure side of the pump. The importance of the ball valve in the automobile washing depends in the potential to for some time prevent the flow of water by means of the air pressure normal hose without stopping the entire machine. This means that the car wash system can quickly change the flow of water in various applications such as flat guns, surface cleaners, extension poles or water barriers.

Type of clean car valve

Where to buy a valve for car wash

It is really approximate that 2 vehicles are at least once a month in three showers. Since the valves of the car wash company are open in the injection of steam and chemicals into the cleaning system in AutoVillage, it is important that the valves are solid. The valve has a series of solenoid and ball valve that simplify the cleaning process. For more than 50 years, we have been providing unparalleled experience in the development and sale of high quality valves. We can only expect the best manufacturer to provide the best valve used honda

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