Google Launches #SmallThanks Campaign

This week is Thanksgiving, and Google is offering something free to small and local business owners to help them promote their businesses. They will be offering free marketing materials so that businesses can reach more customers. Businesses that are listed on Google will be able to create posters, images for social media, stickers, and more, based on reviews they receive from local customers. This is part of Google’s #SmallThanks hashtag campaign.

Being able to give thanks and show your appreciation to your customers will go a long way. Customers will keep coming back if they feel appreciated. Nobody likes feeling ignored or not valued or taken for granted. The Vice President of Marketing at Google said that a few tokens of small thanks will go a long way to keeping your current customers and getting new ones. For example, seventy one percent of consumers say that if a business has positive reviews online, they are more likely to use that business. In fact, such businesses usually get higher click through rates at an average of three hundred and sixty percent higher.

Google is also urging customers to use the #SmallThanks hashtag when they leave Google reviews for businesses. This way, the #SmallThanks campaign will continue growing and will gain more traction.

In order for a business to be able to take advantage of this service, they need to be a Google listed business. Any business can set up a Google profile by using a Google My Business account Tevfik Arif. Once they start getting positive reviews, Google will pull phrases from positive reviews and let businesses use them on promotional materials. These marketing materials can also be used to get the attention of customers so that they remember to leave positive reviews themselves.

Google has been testing this program in various cities across the country in the past. It was a great success, and they are now expanding this program so that it is available on a national level.

Google pointed out that when you get a review from a customer, it is very similar to the traditional thank you note that customers give. You can display these thank you notes wherever you like in order to gain customer trust and get new customers, and positive online reviews should be no different. By using the marketing materials that Google is now offering, small businesses can turn the positive reviews into physical cards and marketing materials that they can use to impress their customers.

Google Launches #SmallThanks Campaign

There are many ways to encourage customers to leave positive reviews. You can do so by simply asking your more loyal customers to do so Bayrock. If you have an email marketing system set up, you can send an automated email as part of an automated process after they complete a purchase asking them for feedback or for a review.

Positive reviews are important for local businesses. They increase customer trust, and they make conversions much more likely to occur. In fact, online reviews drive conversion rates up tremendously. Online reviews also make it more likely that previous customers will come back.

Positive reviews are also important for your search engine rankings. Businesses with positive reviews usually tend to rank higher in both organic local search results and the three pack or seven pack that displays local establishments to local searchers. This means more revenue and exposure for your business.

The current program will allow businesses to take their online reviews even further and use them in the offline world. This is a great way to reach customers who do not look online. They will be able to see your online reviews as well.

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